Smile Makers

Smile Makers Generous Gel

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Lubricant for internal stimulation Water-based lubricant Formulated for penetrative sex Silky texture and non-sticky Made from natural ingredients Safe to be used with condoms Can also be used with silicone internal vibrators Formulated to be used for penetrative sex, this water-based lubricant allows you to enjoy more comfortable sex. The silky, gel-like texture cushions to make penetration as smooth as possible. The Generous Gel has a pH-optimal composition that makes the lubricant a great choice for vaginal or anal sex. Safe to use with condoms and silicone internal vibrators, apply to your partner’s genitals before penetration and re-apply during intercourse if you need to. Smile Makers Generous Gel 30ml

Smile Makers Generous Gel finns i kategorin Health & beauty > Personal Care. Smile Makers är ett av våra märken som säljs direkt av Currentbody.

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